Client Instructions

When you click the Multiplayer Online button, if you would like the client to connect to the main server but the client is instead connecting to a different server, open the folder where the client software was installed then delete the config.txt file. Reload the client.

How to navigate the client.

Click the "X" at the bottom-right corner of this scene to return to the title scene. At the lobby, You can move the scene up or down by using the mouse wheel or you can move the scene by holding the mouse button and then moving the mouse to a different scene location.

After you login to the game, you will be sent to the lobby. Currently, the lobby has 24 rooms. Beside each button is more information about that room. The host of the room refers to the player that created the room. Only the host can start a game. Also beside the room is the number of players allowed to join that room. Once the maximum players are reached for that room, the host can then start the game. Click a button at the lobby to enter that room.

The room has many states. Empty: No one is in that room. Computer: play against the computer and without any spectators watching that game. Creating: Someone is creating a room. Join: Enter the waiting room where players wait for that room to be full of players so that the host of that room can then send those players to the game room. Full: Players can neither enter that waiting room nor watch a game. Watch: Spectators who join the room are sent to the game room where they are able to watch a game either in progress or a game waiting to start.

When you are host of the room, you do not need to wait for users to enter your room. You will hear a buzzer sound every 1 second interval when there is someone new in your room. To stop that sound from playing, you need to press a mouse button or press a key on the keyboard. At the configuration scene, you can turn off the buzzer sound feature.