Website and Game Summary

Currently, the board games that you can play online against other players are signature game, chess, checkers, snakes and ladders and the reversi game.

  1. Always 100% free client software.
  2. 2000+ chess openings moves.
  3. Five 8x8 board games to play online or offline.
  4. Maximum of 2000 levels for a player.
  5. Leaderboards showing top players.
  6. Free website advertisement at the forum.
  7. In game waiting room and game room chatting.
  8. Room lock feature. No back doors.
  9. Anti-cheating of player statistics.
  10. Player activity server logging.
What is kboardgames?

Play against other players online using the client software. After you finish playing an online game, a win, loss or draw is saved to your statistics. You can view the top 10 of many statistics by clicking the leaderboards link at the main menu of this web page. The main menu is the blue horizontal bar that has links named forum, site news, about, download, etc. Mobile users need to click the hamburger icon at the top-left side of this page. It's a stack of three horizontal lines resembling a hamburger.

What is a game client?

A Game client is a network client that connects an individual user to the main game server, used mainly in multiplayer video games. The client is the software you use to play the game. Every game board piece you move or every button pressed is sent to the game server.

What is a game server?

Most games played over the Internet operate by connecting to a game server. The server transmits enough data about its internal state to allow its connected clients to maintain their own accurate version of the game for display to other players.

The server is needed to play multiplayer games. A game server, which the admin of this website uses, will read an event data a client could send. The server will then do what needs to be done for that event data. The finished event data might then be sent to every client, sent to all players in a client area, such as a lobby or game room, or sent back to that client. Sometimes the server will just save/load the event data to/from the MySql database.

The server saves the win, loss and draw statistics for each game that you have played. Your win, loss and draw statistics are saved to a MySQL database at server side.

What is a MYsql database?

A database is simply a collection of structured data. MySQL is the software used. All data about the player's name, password, games won and where a player is location in the client and anything else needed for game play are saved in the database.

The client does not need a database because it sends data to the server. The server and this website both share the same database. This is useful because when you register for an account here at the forum, an account is also created for you to use at the client software. After the client is loaded, type in your username and password that you used to register at the forum to play the online games.

What is a forum

An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived.

Use the forum to post any question you might have about this website, its features, any bug found or feature request. You can also advertise you game at the advertisement section of the forum.

You can only post messages at the forum after you have registered for an account. If you want to play a game with other players then you will need a forum account. A real email address is needed. It is good practice to write your password on paper and keep that paper somewhere safe.

After you register here at the forum, a validation code will be sent to your email address. You will need to click a link from within that email to complete the registration process.

Use your forum username and password to login to the server by clicking the "Multiplayer Online Using TPC/IP" button from within the client software. Download the client to play board games offline or online.

What makes this website unique?

Play a fun game called the signature game found nowhere else. The signature game was created from the author of this website. It is similar to monopoly but has more features. You are able to buy houses, cafe stores and taxi cabs. You can mortgage a land or trade a land like monopoly. Yet, the signature game has a lot of side events. You are able to navigate around the board not just from the outer units of the board but also from using the inner units.

Note that currently the name of the signature game is called signature game. Its the signature game of the client.

Another unique feature is the isometric house. If you get bored playing board games then have fun creating an isometric house. House is a side game where you can make isometric rooms by placing floor tiles, wall tiles and furniture anywhere in the house.

About the client software?

Only one client can be online from the same computer. The "Clients Online" text displayed at the top of the page refers to the amount of players online within the client software.

The client will be updated often with new features and/or bug fixes. You only need to download the client once. When you load the client and then use it to connect to the server, the client will check for a newer version of itself and if that newer version is found then ae client update will begin. Files will be downloaded from the website and those files will copied to the client folder.

If you decide to play a game offline then you can do so against the CPU or with 1 other player using the same computer. Play a game of chess or the signature game against the CPU.

If you like chess then you might want to try a game against the CPU. In chess there are over 2000 opening moves that the CPU understands. Also, the CPU checks two steps in advance for checkmate. The CPU is able to end the game is 3 moves. At the end of the game, you are able to view the move history.

You can play all available board games against other players or against the CPU online. You are able to host a game. Your hosted game will be advertised at the lobby. After you have finished creating a room, a description of your room will be seen at the lobby. If you selected against other players at the creating room then players will be able to enter your waiting room. You are then able to kick or ban players from your waiting room.

If you ban a player then that player can never enter your waiting room until you recreate a game to host. You can kick a player for 15 minutes. That player will not be able to join your waiting room until time expires.

At the right side of the game room screen, The panel has the time remaining for each player, the dice rotator, the history buttons and chatter where anyone in the game room can chat with each other.

Using the history button you can review a game that was just played. After the game has ended, some games will display the history buttons. From left to right, the four buttons are, go back to the beginning of the game, go back one turn, go forward one turn and go to the last move of the game.

At the right side panel of the client, some games have a dice rotator. Basically its a wheel that has the number 1 to 6 on it. If the player clicks that wheel while the 3 is highlighted then that player will move 3 units forward.

That dice rotator operates faster in full screen mode than regular window mode. Full screen is forced. Everyone will have that wheel operating at the same frame rate.

A user can leave full screen but cannot play that game in window mode. Clicking the client when it is windowed will then display it as full screen again. A user could get the idea to click the "x" at the top-right corner of the client, hoping that a lose will not be recorded for the leaderboards. By enabling full screen mode and forcing only that display, a player will not be able to cheat. Besides, the server will notice that the player is not there and a disconnect event will be triggered for that player. A loss will be recorded for that player if that player was still playing a game and a message of that event will be sent to all other players within that game room.

When playing a game, if a player chooses to end game then a message to the other players will be displayed and those other players will continue playing the game if there are 2 or move players remaining. A message for those other players will be triggered when a player left the game room while still playing, left the game room when the game has not started, left the game room when game ended, quit game while still playing or had time expire.

You select the "Watch Game" button from the lobby to watch a current game in progress at that game room. The move history will be updated for that spectator after a game player in that game room moves a piece. At that time, the move history will be taken from the server and then used to move each piece very quickly on the game board for the "spectator watching" until the most current piece in history is reached. The spectator's game board pieces will then be in sync with the current game.

A "spectator watching" feature should not be confused with the "spectator playing" feature. A "spectator watching" can never join that game or take part in another game in that game room, while the "spectator playing" is a player that lost a game in a 3 or 4 player game and can play another game after that game is over for all players in that game room.

Things to do next

You could participate in a game event, view screenshots of the software or post your introduction at the forum.