player activity server logging.

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player activity server logging.

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This topic will explain the data the server logs in a file. A log file is a file that exists server side. Members cannot access it.

Your IP address, stored in the MySQL database when you become a member of this website, is not logged in the log file. However, your username, the event and its data, and the date and time is logged in the log file.

The communications between the client and server can be called events. An event contain the event data needed for the user to see the scene and any other data needed for a user to participate with the scene. The event data could be called _data._usernames or _data._leaderboard_chess. An event is triggered usually when a user clicks a button. That event is sent to the server. All event data along with the name of the event is stored in the log file.

All client chat text that a player makes to other players are not saved in the log file. The admin can only see chat text from a room the admin is participating in.
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