Board Games V1.12.0 now online

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Board Games V1.12.0 now online

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Version 1.12.0. Date: 2021-6-12

New Features.

Chess Tournament: Standard 8. The number 8 in the title means that the tournament will start after the 8th player signs up for tournament play. This tournament is an elimination game. Lose 1 game at anytime and the tournament will end for that user.

Game time remaining text now works in offline mode.

Game board units now highlight moves when using the history feature.

Feature changed.

When a checkers piece is selected or after a piece had moved that unit will now highlight a different color. The unit highlight is now the same color as then using the history feature.

Unit now highlights in color showing where the piece had moved from and moved to when using the History feature.

Reversi player input click changed from finger/mouse just pressed to just released to avoid a confusing display of a player's piece when input drag to a unit then input release at a different unit.

Bugs fixed.

Fixed a client crash at the game room when server disconnected. The user that was redirected to title scene, triggered the bug when relogging in to the lobby after server restarted.

Fixed chatter scrollbar not visible when returning to lobby from house.

Room state was shown as a computer game but only briefly for the user entering the creating room scene.

Invite user to room feature was broken.

After clicking the online list at the waiting room, when a user is no longer at the lobby
the win percentage text remained visible for that user.

The player that had just lost a game sometimes received a win message when there was a spectator watching the game.

Win message for the player that lost the second game when spectator was watching.

Removed a redundant game restart message for spectator watching.

Fixed a bug where a spectator that entered the game room was greeted with a logging in message.

Removed an unneeded call to restart the game room.

Removed a game loss message for "spectator watching" after a game ended.

After a game ended the "spectator watching" usernames were added to the usernames that are allowed to play in that room. The result would break many features of game play such as cancelling a draw request or an incorrect number of players for that room.

A "Spectator watching" was able to click lobby elements from the game room.

The history forward button needed an additional input click to display the first move history in a checkers game.

In a chess game a random check was called when king was not in check. Hopefully this bug is fixed.

Fixed numerous calls where in a chess game the computer moved to an empty unit that was captured by the other player.

Units beside the king has an incorrect capturing value.

The piece color and its value of the last piece moved was the same as the piece being updated for the spectator watching.

Scrolling the map at the house feature would disable foundation build buttons.
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