Board Games V1.14.0 now online

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Board Games V1.14.0 now online

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As you may already know, 23 megs for the client software is great considering that the client software has 5 games, house feature, tournament play, daily quests feature, 2000 chess notations and a leaderboard. The client archive had a total size of about 23 megs but after all images were optimized in this release, the client archive is now under 11 megs. Also, now all games load in under 0.5 of a second. The client loads within 3 seconds on a slow computer. The client software needs 3 seconds to checks if the server and website are online, to grabs any event schedule data from the website, and to initiates over 5000 static variables.

Version 1.14.0. Date: 2021-7-31

New Features.

Added button click sound.

Added skill level feature for offline play.

Feature changed.

Fixed some grammar issues and corrected spelling mistakes.

Optimized all images. Client is now half its original size. Client went from 23 megabytes to under 11 megabytes in size.

No more delay when sending events to the server.

Bugs fixed.

Previous future path to king displayed when restarting a chess game.

Client crashed at tournament scene when player had previously visited the waiting room.

The lobby "Players" and "Against" table columns had data at empty rooms when returning from the waiting room.

In chess, "check" was called when there was no check but only when intermediate skill level was used.
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