Board Games V1.15.13 now online

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Board Games V1.15.13 now online

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Version 1.15.13 Date: 2021-8-27

This is yet another bug release.

New Features.

Server flood protection. Player cannot hammer the buttons.

Lobby now has a refresh button.

Feature changed.

The history feature did not display a gameboard piece that was captured when a back button was used.

In the signature game, in a three or four player game, gameboard pieces will now stay at the unit where they were before a player has ended game. Before this fix, those piece defaulted back to unit 1.

Bugs fixed.

After entering the configuration scene, at general section, the image of the gameboard coordinates was displayed when that feature had a visible setting of false.

At the "front door", the logging in text was shown when player entered the creating room.

Two scenes could be displayed simultaneously from the rapid clicking of buttons.

Sound fired when mouse moved overtop of some buttons at house.

Start game button flickered visibility on then off just after closing the quit game message box in an online game against the computer.

In the signature game, a human player could mouse click the computer's "End turn" button.

At lobby, some buttons would display its text not centered but only briefly when buttons were initialized.

In checkers the last location of the gameboard piece was not highlighted for the spectator watching.

After the spectator watching had entered the game room, the first player's timer text was not shown for that spectator.

Fixed wrong total gameboard piece count for Reversi.

In chess, two or more pieces defending king on one path would not have their capturing units limited to the new current path in check.

In a three a four player signature game, land ownership was not removed from the gameboard after a player had quit the game.

Sometimes a person entering the waiting room would receive an empty message instead of "someone beat you to the room" message.
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