Board Games V1.16.10 now online

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Board Games V1.16.10 now online

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Version 1.16.10. 2021-09-26.

New Features.

Custom themes is now a new feature for the client. Users can now have custom configuration settings for the client by creating a YAML parser file. Placing that file into the themes folder will set that theme as selectable.

Renamed the word NPC to BOT.

Most scenes can now have a fixed background color.

At the configuration menu, users can now change the display of the background, border and text of a button.

After the mouse clicks a button, that buttons is set as transparent and inactive for some time to address server hammering. Buttons will remain unclickable until timer makes them active.

Updated the credits scene.

Put back mouse wheel function for FlxScrollableArea. Scenes that use the scrollbars can now be dragged vertically and horizontally simultaneously.

At the game room, a gradient background can be displayed.

Background brightest.

Notation panel can now have the same color as the game room background.

Text at the notation panel can now have a custom color.

Feature changed.

Improved the appearance of the configuration menu.

Added 7 more chess sets.

Changed the background of the title scene.

Bugs fixed.

When username from profile was selected at a title scene's toggle button and that username was not named Guest 1 or Guest 2, when that username was then changed to Guest 1 or Guest 2 at profile, the client would crash from a null object reference.

In the wheel estate (signature game), the land ownership colors were displayed incorrectly.

When user opened client help dialog box then entered credits page, mouse button feature would not enable.

Fixed some display bugs while re-entering some scene using the menu bar.

Return to lobby from waiting room button when clicked showed a confirmation message box when return to lobby confirmation was set to false at the configuration menu.

Return to title scene from an offline game would freeze client when return to title screen confirmation was set to false at the configuration menu.

A player had returned to lobby message notice was not seen at game room when automatic start of game was enabled.

In a offline game of snakes and ladders, the units showing the moved from location of each player were in the reverse color.

Buttons at the Event Schedule class did not have correct colors.

Fixed new account scene bug.
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