An event is something that occurs in a certain place, such as when playing a game, during a particular interval of time.

At the main menu of the client software there is an event schedule which displays the current event and the upcoming event displayed as a date and time. An event is active when the event schedule displays that event name under the word "current". Clicking the event schedule will display the calendar.

At the calendar, all the events are displayed for that month. You can move forward up to 6 months in the future but can only move backwards until the current month is reached. Clicking the event name at the calendar will open a window that displays the description of the event.

This page is always current as the event names and event descriptions here are taken from the database.

Here are the events. They are displayed in the order that they were created.

Win a game and earn credits. Instead of cash, you can use credits to purchase something to improve your board game membership. When you have enough credits you can redeem your credits for a month of paid membership or anything else available at the website.

The way the system works in simple. A credit is given only when you win a game on the day that this event is active. There are credits_today and credits_total for each player in the database. The credits_total will plus one in count every time a credit at credits_today is given. There is a limit of 5 credits per day for credits_today when the credits event is active.

When the player first logs in, the current month and day values are compared to that in the database. If that current month value and/or day value does not match the month and day values in the database then a new month and/or day value(s) will be written to the database and the credits_today value set back to zero.

On the day of this event, you will receive experience points after your game has ended. A game win gives the full experience points value for that game, while a game lose give half experience points value for that game. You will receive no experience points for a draw.

Different games give different experience points. A game that gives higher experience points is a game that can take longer to finish. Chess can end in three moves but can also take a very long time to finish. Checkers and chess both have a 50 move rules. Therefore, checkers and chess give the same amount of experience points.

At the website, click the 'Experience Points' at the main menu. There is a table containing all 2000 experience point level and the experience points needed to advance to a level. So, if you have 110 experience points then you are a level 2 player and depending on your level, a board game feature could be unlocked and your player could be shown at the website 'leaderboards' page.

House Coins
In this game, house is a side game where you can make isometric house rooms by purchasing furniture and then placing that furniture anywhere in the house. You start with an empty room by placing floor tiles on the floor. You can add walls, doors and windows. The room is large. You are able to scroll the scene by hovering the mouse cursor from near the edge of the scene to the edge of the scene.

You can arrange the furniture anyway you like. You can place a furniture item behind a wall or place it in front of a wall. You can stack a furniture item on top of another furniture item or underneath it.

You can only receive a house coin when this event is active. Use house coins to purchase furniture. You will be given 1 house coin when you lose a board game and 2 house coins when you win a board game.