The free multiplayer board games competition website.

Play 8x8 grid board games online with other players using the client software. Main features are scheduled events, signature game, game statistics, daily quests and a isometric house side game. Currently, the board games that you can play online against other players are signature game, chess, checkers, snakes and ladders and the reversi game.

  • Always 100% free client software.
  • Play games online or offline.
  • MMO board games.
  • 2000+ chess openings moves.
  • Maximum of 2000 XP levels for a player.
  • Over 768 million game room color/shade combinations.
  • Leaderboards showing top players.
  • 9 different chess sets.
  • Option to play chess using 2 different chess sets.
  • Player move history. In game and in database.
  • Client archive under 11MB in size.
  • Free website advertisement at the forum. No bots allowed.
  • No advertisements in the client software.
  • Chess features for beginners.
  • 17 player game statistics.
  • Checks two steps in advance for checkmate.
  • Learn chess at the beginners level.
  • In game waiting room chatting and game room chatting.
  • Room lock feature. No back doors.
  • Host your own games using the server software.
  • Anti-cheating of player statistics.
  • Player activity server logging.

Recent Site News

2021-7-31: Board Games V1.14.0 now online. The client software is now under 11 megs in size. Minor bug fix.

2021-7-21: Board Games V1.13.10 now online. 25 new client customizations. 10 bugs were fixed. Redone front door.

2021-6-30: New at the main menu, the blue bar at the top of the screen, is the animated images link that will take you to a page showing animated images of a few client features that repeat continuously.

2021-6-16: Board Games V1.12.10 now online. This is a minor bug fix release.

2921-6-11: An eight player chess tournament is now online. This tournament is for the beginner chess player. A chess ELO rating of 800-1199 is needed to join the tournament. You can subscribe to tournament email. You will then be notified when the tournament starts. The tournament will start after the eight player joins the tournament.

2021-6-7: The tournament feature is complete. The chess tournament: Standard 8 will be an 8 player chess tournament. 1 round elimination match. 24 hour limit for each gameboard piece move. The tournament feature should go online shortly after it has been tested for bugs.

2021-4-29: Chess ELO rating system and tournament play are planned features that should be in the next client release. Event calendar for the website will be online soon.

2021-4-26: Board Games V1.11.0 now online. This is mainly a bug fix release.

2021-3-30: Board Games V1.10.0 now online. Download the client and/or server software here.

chess game.

a board game of strategic skill for two players. Played on a checkered board. Each player begins the game with sixteen pieces that are moved according to precise rules. The object is to put the opponent's king under a direct attack from which escape is impossible. Checkmate is the game over word to use when the king cannot escape the attack.

This site helps to advance the beginner chess player to the intermediate ELO level. In the image above, notice a path of red circles in a direct line towards the king (captured path to king). For the beginner learning chess, this is showing a king's opponent piece that can capture those highlighted unit at the next game turn. The piece would be the queen which is the piece also highlighted in the color of red.

Those captured future path to king will only be displayed when you have the beginner option enabled from the configuration menu at the sub menu called games.

Perhaps you would like to signup at the beginner chess tournament! The tournament is an unrushed turn based game. A player can take up to 24 hours to move a gameboard piece. Finish the tournament within the top four and you will receive tournament points that can one day be used for credit towards a game feature.

checkers game.

Checkers is a game for two players using a checkerboard and 12 checkers each. The object is to jump over to capture the opponent's pieces. The captured piece will then be removed from the gameboard.

This somewhat addictive game promotes confident making and helps players develop some good problem solving skills. Checkers is easy to learn and fun to play.

Currently, you are able to play a game of checkers against the world online or offline using the same computer against another person. The game can be accessed online from the lobby. You are able to watch others play the game.

You can finish some daily quests quickly and/or improve your game statistics by playing a quick game of checkers.

snakes and ladders game.

Reversi is a game played on a draughtboard with 64 pieces. Each piece has black on one side and white on the other. When pieces are captured they are turned over, becoming the capturing player's pieces.

A British children's game in which a dice or number wheel determine the moves of players' pieces around a board marked with pictures of snakes and ladders. Pieces move up ladders and pieces move down snakes.

signature game.

This is the signature game of this website. The theme is similar to monopoly. Monopoly is a real-estate board game, in which the player’s goal is to force all opponents into bankruptcy by buying and developing pieces of property.

What makes this game unique is the units of play. The outer units deal with buying, selling, developing and mortgaging property while the inner units deal advantages and disadvantages to the possession of assets, affecting the financial stability of the player.

You can play against 2-4 players or against 1 computer but you cannot play against both player and computer in the same game.

the server.

The software in the image above is called the server. Playing games online would not be possible without the server. The server handles all data so that you can play a game with other players around the world.

Members are able to run the server in a limited way. A membership is currently needed. The result is that you are able to host your own games for online play. Currently, all that is required is a site such as this and a mySQL database.

The K Board Games software is developed using the HaxeFlixel library. The K Board Games software is closed source. However, the server has a configuration file that needs to be set before it can go online. More options can be added to that file. Read this topic for more information.