Board Games V1.11.0 now online

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Board Games V1.11.0 now online

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This is mainly a bug fix release.

New Features.

Play a game of chess against another player offline.

At the configuration menu, chess and checkers now can be set to have different game board colors.

Feature changed.

Added 15 more house items.

More configuration options at the configuration menu accessed from the title scene.

Bugs fixed.

Functions that are used to move a CPU chess piece that rely on the Reg_futureCapturingUnitsForPiece variable would never move a piece because that variable was set to zero at the CapturingUnits function.

The client crashed at chess after the CPU tried to move a piece to defend king.

At client the menu icons where still inactive after user closed the server offline dialog.

Chatter had a display bug in the signature game. ScrollFacter was set to zero for buttons and images. Therefore, buttons and images could not be seen in the boxscroller.

In a game of chess, check was called instead of checkmate for player 2 in an online game.

In a game of chess, when king is in check its defending pieces could not block the attacking path.

When the CPU found checkmate using the search for checkmate in 2 moves, the first move in that series would remove the 17 value from its defending pieces.

In a games of chess, some king units where incorrectly captured while others should have been captured.

At the House side game the scale factor needed to be removed because a furniture item's position did not save correctly the first time. Also, changing the scale value would offset the furniture item's rotate icon and drag icon.

When a group is added to a boxscroller, that group needs to be added to the stage. The result are two groups sharing the same coordinate. One group that scrolls with the boxScroller and the other that stays static. When scrolling a page, button coordinate offset in that group was needed to address the hidden buttons behind the boxscroller that were firing at the stage.

Multiple groups shared the same boxscroller at the configuration menu. The result was that one group could trigger elements from another group.

Some path-to-king danger units were incorrectly highlighted.

In the snakes and ladders game the other player's location was moved to the end unit after player won game.

at the house side game, when changing the z-order of a selectable furniture item the other item that was swapped would match the same wall z-order of that selectable furniture item.

At the house side game, changing the z-order of a furniture item, then toggling the visibility of that item, would instead toggle the visibility of the previous item in that z-order stack.

In the signature game the ownership background image was sometimes displayed in front of the icon developed image because of a update() function timing issue.

In a game using the number wheel, sometimes the pause of the number wheel was executed after assigning that value to a player's piece because of a update() function timing issue.

Fixed broken chess en passant.

In a reversi game, incorrect player win message after a player had no piece to capture.

"A loss will be added to your game stats" message no longer displayed while playing a game against the CPU.
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