Board Games V1.10.0 now online

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Board Games V1.10.0 now online

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New in this release are the improved chatter feature and the improved keyboard feature. Also this release has 21 bugs fixed.

Feature changed.

No longer can a user click something behind a dialog box at the title scene.

Redone chatter. Chatter now remembers 100 lines of text. Chatter is now inside a boxScroller.

Redone boxScoller. Scrollbars can no longer take user input. BoxScroller now scrolls when clicking and holding that user input at a region of the boxScroller area.

Added more of a delay when showing a message box.

Redone the keyboard for android. Added the forwards button and backwards button for the input text caret index which changes the position of the text cursor.

Instead of the normal server disconnected message, client how will show an inactivity message after permitted time elapses.

Bugs fixed.

Game statistic messages removed when playing an online game against the CPU.

If two users try to enter the same room simultaneously, one user will be host and the other user will always get a locked room message. Also, incorrect room data for everyone when the none host user tries to enter that room the second time.

Fixed avatar bug when playing a CPU game online. The CPU player name disappeared from scene when restarting a game.

Incorrect avatar shown for second player in a two player online game.

client crashed after user exited the waiting room, entered an online CPU game, then returned to lobby.

ScrollingText class was added to the scene of a checkers game and then seen at the beginning of that game.

MenuState scene elements were not set to inactive after calendar was displayed. At calendar those active elements at the hidden scene menuState could be clicked. The result would be a click double fire that would stop a calendar description from displaying.

Last client release stopped the loading of a house saved layout feature.

Moving a piece using a checkmate search was broken after fixing a regular CPU move and moving a regular CPU piece was broken after a checkmate search.

Resetting Reg._gamePointValueForPiece and Reg._gameUniqueValueForPiece variables at ChessFindCheckmate:resetVars() was called while playing a game. All pieces would therefore be set back to zero.

A "checkmate search" that failed to find a checkmate in 2 moves did not correctly undo its checkmate search moves. The result was that same values of 17 that referred to a piece location was set to 0.

After playing a game of chess, the exit button and restart button are hidden until the checkmate dialog OK button is clicked. However, if pressing the dialog "x" button then those exit button and restart button will remain hidden because the code needs a Reg._yesNoKeyPressValueAtMessage value of 1.

The "misc menu" shares the same scene as the lobby. An input click at the misc menu could trigger hidden lobby buttons.

Returning to the title screen by clicking the exit button at the "misc menu" boxscroller scene and then re-logging in would automatically send that user to the misc menu instead of the lobby scene.

Logging in message seen while offline game was loading.

Fixed a vertical boxscroller track bug seen at the notation boxscroller on android phones.

History buttons did not work when a game ended because when playing a game the variables were set back to default at every game turn.

Reversi game stopped working after the forth move.

Clicking the client help at the title scene would open a 404 page not found at the K Board Games website. The old forum link was still being used.

Clicking "yes" at the dialog box of the client credits scene would redirect the user to a 404 page not found at the K Board Games website. The old forum link was still being used.

Clicking the exit button at the leaderboard scene and then clicking the multiplayer online button would display a cannot log in twice message.
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