Chess Tournament: Standard 8.

Piece Move Time Limit: In hours. the time remaining to move a piece. If player has not moved within the time allowed then that player will lose the game.

Total Players: The amount of players in tournament, including any players that lost a game, followed by the maximum players allowed for the tournament. The amount of players will increase each time a player enrolls in this tournament.

Games Rated: If this is a rated game then a prize can be won such as points or credits.

Needed ELO: A player needs to have a chess ELO that is within this ELO range to enter the tournament.

Points Available: 50 percent of these total points goes to first place, 25 percent goes to second place, 12.5 percent goes to third place and forth place.

Percent Complete: This shows how much of the tournament is complete. a value of zero means that the tournament has not started.

Round: The current tournament round followed by how many rounds are in the tournament. A value of zero means that the tournament might be at the signing up new player.

Games Simultaneous: How many of this tournament can be played simultaneously.

Tie Break: Can a game end in a draw.

Games Remaining: The remaining games in this round that need to be finished.


New to the website is a chess tournament called Chess Tournament: Standard 8. The number 8 in the title means that the tournament will start after the 8th player signs up for tournament play. This tournament is an elimination game. Lose 1 game at anytime and the tournament will end for that player.

If you are a new member to this site then maybe you have not set your chess ELO rating. You need to set your chess skill level before you can participate in a chess tournament. If your ELO rating is not in the database, the client will ask you for an ELO rating before entering the tournament.

In this tournament a player has 24 hours to move a piece. If the player fails to move a piece within this time allowed then the player will lose the game. When the tournament is over, all tournament data associated with the player will be deleted.

A user is able to leave the tournament before the tournament starts. A user cannot leave a tournament when the tournament is in progress. However, a user can unsubscribe from tournament mail then simply stop all participation of that tournament play. If email is sent to a user, that user can ignore a request to move a game board piece by not moving a piece within the time allowed. The user will then lose the game.

If a user subscribes to tournament mail, a mail will be sent to that user after the opponent had moved a game board piece. A user can unsubscribe from mail at any time by unsubscribing from within the client or by clicking the unsubscribe link from within the email content. A user can also subscribe to tournament mail at anytime.

An email will be sent to a player when its time for that player to move a piece, when a tournament has started, when the tournament has ended and when a round had started.

After you have signed up for tournament play, you will see the 'Total Players' count of this tournament increase by 1, confirming that you are enrolled in the tournament.

Recent Tournament Winners.

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