Wheel Estate Instructions

wheel estate

This is the signature game of K Board Games. This game is similar to monopoly. The game ends for that player when cash reaches zero and the player has no more land to mortgage or sell. The game will continue until there is only one player left. That last player wins the game.

The game starts at unit A1. Players take turns clicking the number wheel. The player's piece moves counter-clockwise. The piece will land on a unit at the parameter of the board (outer units) until the piece lands on unit G1 or A8. After landing on those units, the next piece move will land somewhere on the inner units. Those units are located one unit from an outer unit.

The outer unit can either be a land dwelling, a taxi company, a land cafe, an empty unit or a unit that takes you to the inner unit of B2.

The piece moves the same counter-clockwise direction at the inner units. Landing on a unit might be a good or bad event. an event could be cash gain or property loss. Landing back at B2 will take you to an outer unit at A1.

At the outer units, landing on a unit owned by nobody will give you an option to buy that land. Once owned, depending of the unit type, you can add up to four houses, cabs or cafe stores.

If that land is owned by another player then you will need to pay rent. The amount of rent increases depending of how many houses, cabs or cafe stores you have. Rent can also be increased from an inner unit that gives rent percentage.

A unit description is given when you mouse click that unit. You are able to trade land. Own a set of houses to receive a rent bonus.