Creating Themes

The game room is where you are at when you play a game. At the configuration scene, you can set various game room colors to the gameboard units, the gameboard border, the game room background and the gameboard capturing unit. There are also a bunch of miscellaneous setting you can change to the game room appearance to give a total of zillions of color combinations.

here are two images illustrating how the game room could look like.

game room colors 1

Notice that every even gameboard units are hidden and so is the gameboard border and gameboard coordinates image. The above image shows a very basic game room color configuration. When the game starts or restarts, the game room background will be any random color but not white and black.

game room colors 2

The background image in this example could be semitransparent but it is not. If the background image from the image above was semitransparent then the color of this background image would be the color of the random background scene color (the first image above).

Just load the MMO board game client software then go to the configuration menu from the title screen to create the game room to look similar to one of the above images. Go to the screenshots for more game room images.

The client software has 8 chess sets to choose from. Every chess set is freeware. A nice feature for chess is the option to have a different chess set for each player. You are able to change the color for each chess set.

chess set 1 and 4

The image above shows chess set 1 and 4. Each chess set can either be white, dark gray or one of the 13 available colors.