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Client Software

A client software is an application that is used`to communicate to some other piece of software over a network. The other piece of software that this website uses is called the server. You do not need to be concerned with the server unless you would like to host your own games similar to what this website does. A client software is used to connect to the server to play a game online with other players. The client is used by the members of this website. The user only needs the client software to play games.

A client software does not need a network connection to run on your computer. A client software is an application that you install on the computer. However, you are able to play a game at this website using an internet browser. An internet browser is a software used to access the internet. Using the internet browser, play now or view the downloads page.

The HTML5 build is not a client software. The client software is for desktop and the client software was built in the CPP language, where as, the internet browser is for websites and the browser game was built in the HTML5 markup language. t The client is able to play games offline.

Malware and Virus Safe?

Every downloadable release is sent to Microsoft for a virus check. The first few days a new file goes online for download, the windows security virus scanner will block that download with a notice that the file is unsafe. The reason is because the file is not known to Microsoft.

When the file first goes online it is immediately reported to Microsoft. So if you receive a message that the file is unsafe its because the file has just been put online and Microsoft still needs time to verify it.

No In-game Advertisements

In-game advertising is a tool game developers use to increase their money revenue. Game developers earn money from third party by showing game ads to their users. Some Games usually have an option to remove ads for a small fee to the company. Usually, ads are about 30 seconds long and are forced to the user. A fair amount of games will show those ads after every game level is complete.

The client at K Board Games does not have ads and never will. K Board Games is completely free. K Board Games does not have paid membership packages to remove ads. There is no way for a member to gain a level quicker than the other member. The game play here is fair for all players.

last updated: 2022-3-31