Guest Account

Now you can play an online game using a guest account. A user account is not needed to play a game online. To stop playing a game with a guest account, create a normal account at the configuration menu. The guest account data will carry over to the regular account.

No need to register for an account. Just load the client software then click the multiplayer online icon at the title scene. You will then see the front door. For a few seconds, the front door will display the username that you are logging in with. You will then be redirected to the lobby where you can select a game that you would like to play.

If you still have not created an account then you will notice that after clicking the multiplayer online icon the second time, the same guest name will be displayed. The reason is that the guest name is associated with the hostname which is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network.

username suggestions

At the profile section of the configuration scene, you will noticed that the first player's username field is either empty or named "Guest1". If you rename that field to "guest" then click the save button, the username field will rename to "Guest1". Yet when you connect online, you might see a different guest username.

If you have not changed the default settings of a theme, you will notice that when you play an offline game then player 1 will be named "Guest1" and player 2 will be named "Guest2". While playing a game in online mode, a Guest1 name simply means that you will be using a guest account for player 1.

Lets say that you have played some games and would now like to create an account. Simply go to the configuration scene and rename "Guest1" to a name that you would like. Note that you cannot use special characters for your username nor can you use numbers. Your password needs to be 4 characters or greater to be able to save the options. After clicking the save button, your guest account will be renamed to your chosen username. All game statistics, house coins and all other data will be carried over from the guest account.

Once a regular account has been created, you cannot go back to a guest account. Creating another regular account is easy. Just rename the username field at the profile section. Remember to set the password for the new account. Your account is created when you successfully save the options.

Once you have an account, its not possible to change your password. You can make as many accounts as you want from the same computer. You can use an active guest account for as long as the service is accessible.