Client Modules

If you would like to host your own server but do not want a game such as checkers in your client software then now you have the option to easily exclude any game before building the client software.

You can comment out world flags, avatars, username suggestions, checkers tournaments, miscellaneous, leaderboards, daily quests, house side game, and any or all game module.

At the root folder of the client software is a file called project.xml. That file is complier settings for your project. All modules are enabled by default. You will need to modify the project.xml file if you would like to have a module excluded when building the software.

In that file Search for...

<define name="checkers" />
<assets path="modules/games/checkers/assets/images" embed="true" />

changing the above two lines to read...

<!-- <define name="checkers" />
<assets path="modules/games/checkers/assets/images" embed="true" /> -->

...will exclude checkers when building the client. All checkers feature will be excluded from the client. In fact, when you comment out the code above, you can then delete the checkers module from the module/games folder.

Note: Removing all games before a build will create a GameCreate.hx build error when building for windows. At least one game must be enabled.

See the readme file for instructions about how to build the client software.