You can host your own server after downloading the server software at GitHub from K Board Games Server software repository. Just download the server software then create a file called config.bat. Place that file anywhere on your hard drive. Point to that file at main.hx.

Inside of that config.bat file, copy then paste the following.

SET ip= ""
SET port=
SET _dbHost= ""
SET _dbPort=
SET _dbUser= ""
SET _dbPass= ""
SET _dbName= ""
SET _username= ""
SET _domain= ""
SET _domain_path= ""

Change ip address from the above to "" to allow everyone to enter the server, or set to "" to allow the client to connect only locally to the server.
Change port to a value such as 9200 that the server will use. If you want to allow multiplayer online play then you will need to do a port forward.
Change _dbHost to "localhost".
Change _dbPort to your MySQL port.
Change _dbUser to the user of the MySQL database. Eg, "root".
Change _dbPass to the MySQL database password.
Change _dbName to the MySQL database name.
Change _username to the member name at K Board Games that has the paid account or set up your own website with the database found at the GitHub server repository. at the MySQL users table, set is_paid_member to a value of 1 to your username.
Change _domain to your website name without the "http: //www". Example, "" for online play.
Change _domain_path to the full path to root folder that your website files are located.

Download the client. At client root, where the exe file is located, create a file called config.txt. At the top line inside of that file, type in your server ip followed by a colon then the port, all without a space.

for example, localhost:9200

Any text after the first line inside of the config.txt will be ignored. After the client is loaded, you will see the title scene. At the client's title scene, your server address will be displayed as an option to connect to, only if there exists the config.txt at client root and only while the member setting up the server is still a paid member of You can bypass this paragraph if you build your own server software.

If the server config.bat file at server -> sub folder is missing then the client cannot connect to your server. If there is a config.txt at client then the client can bypass the connection to the above server and instead try to connect to the server defined in the config.txt file. However, the main website defined in the reg.hx file will still be accessed and paid status will be checked. In other words, when you host a server, they can either access your server or someone else by adding a config.txt at client root.

last updated: 2022-3-28