New changes to kboardgames.

Website Security.
This website now has a SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a bit of code on a web server that provides security for online communications. When a web browser contacts this secured website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection. Passwords are now private when registering for an account at the forum.

If this is your first visit then the only cookie on your hard drive is a session cookie which is native to PHP and enables websites to store serialized state data. The cookie is used to establish a user session, to pass state data via a temporary cookie, which is commonly referred to as a session cookie. The cookie is automatically deleted when you close your internet navigator. Read the privacy policy for more information.

In computer terminology, a honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally, a honeypot consists of data that appears to be a legitimate part of resource for the attackers but actually isolates or monitors the attackers of that website.

This website uses honeypot. Verify that your email address is correct because another attempt to register using the same IP address cannot be made until 1 hour has passed. Also, only 1 account per email address is allowed. This forum does not resend validation emails. Therefore, do not use a bogus email address.

The focus.
Client software updates will be limited to bug fixes until such a time when this website gets busy with members. The focus will be an advertising campaign for A game trailer, which is a short video about the game, might soon be made.

Board Games V1.8.0 now online.
This is mainly a bug release. Here is a summary from changeLog.txt.

  • A game that ended normally still had variables referring to a game in progress. The result was a player could not leave the room without registering a game lose.

  • HUD now shows the correct win data when game ends.

  • Fixed broken chess notation when playing against the computer.

  • Fixed broken computer search for checkmate in two moves.

  • NPC avatars and NPC names did not show when playing a computer game online.

Board Games V1.7.0 now online

The client updater is used to check for a newer version of the client software. When clicking the multiplayer button from within the client, prior to this release, the client updater will not search for a newer client version and the online play will be cancelled. Instead, you will need to download the newest version of the client software from the downloads page.

You now have the option, at the configuration section of the client, to select a username and avatar that you would like to use while playing games in offline mode.

300 avatars are now at this website and also at the client. Avatars can no longer be uploaded to this website. Instead, K Board Games gets all avatars from multiavatar. That website has over 12 billion unique avatars that can be generated.

At the title scene of the client, click the gear icon then select an avatar that you would like to use for your offline profile. Selecting the first avatar will not hide that avatar when playing a game. When playing a game online, your membership profile avatar from K Board Games website will be used.

You can select an avatar to use when posting a message at the forum. Access the avatars by logging in to this website; Go to the hamburger menu (top left corner of scene) then go to the profile link. Here are a sample of the avatars now available.

multiavatar avatar 1. multiavatar avatar 2.multiavatar avatar 3.multiavatar avatar 4.multiavatar avatar 5.multiavatar avatar 6.multiavatar avatar 7.multiavatar avatar 8.multiavatar avatar 9.multiavatar avatar 10.

The following is some of the features of the client.

Added top wins leaderboard to the lobby scene.

Renamed options scene to configuration scene. At the configuration scene there is now an option to enable the leaderboard.
Added 5 more furniture items to the house side game.
Scene now flashes in color when a button or clickable image receive input action from the player.
Added Button at title scene to check for newer version of the client software.
Android now can download the most recent version of the client software but the installation of the software is manual.
Button click state changed from pressed to released for most buttons not located on a scrollbar area.
redone the HUD.
Repositioned the keyboard characters to the same layout as the qwerty keyboard.
While playing checkers, the unit where that piece moved to and the unit where the piece moved from is now highlighted and using a different color for each player.

Five bugs were fixed. For a detailed list of fixes and features added, see the changeLog.txt at the root folder where the client would be installed.

configuration general

The general section at the configuration scene of the client currently looks like the above image.

Board Games V1.6.0 now online

This is a minor release.

Options menu added to the title scene. Users can now configure the way the game board and game board border looks. Shader and color can be applied to game board even units and odd units. Users are able to save the custom game board.
Scrollbar can now be scrolled by a input swipe. The scrollbar area can scroll a maximum of 1 page when swiping. New backgrounds added to the login scene and event scheduler scene. Checkers pieces and reversi pieces were changed.

Board Games V1.5.0 now online

This is a minor release.

Client help icon added to the title scene. Help data is pulled from the website when that icon is clicked.
Credits icon added to the title scene. At that scene credit is given to the following websites and authors that contributed in someway to help make this game possible.

Client and server no longer share the same version file used to determine if a software update is needed.

Board Games V1.4.0 now online

New changes to existing features are in this client version. Server needed to be updated because of those changes. Also, this release fixes many bugs.

Scrollbar class had an overhaul. Scrollbar can no longer take mouse input or touch input. scrollbar area can now be scrolled. Scrollbar does not scroll when clicking an item on it such as a button.
Button input how happens either from just a press or from a press then release. Therefore, a button action can happen either when player touches the button or when player releases the mouse or finger from a button.
A fair amount of buttons were rearranged. Options menu background was added to the bottom of most scenes. At the right-corner of scenes that has an options menu, a red "X" button once clicked will return the user to the title scene.
Icons instead of buttons are now at the title scene. Here are those buttons.

house feature Multiplayer Online.
house feature Player 1 vs Player 2.
house feature Player vs Computer.

house feature

The creating room scene had to be redone because of a scrollbar bug that could not be fixed. The scrollbar was removed from that scene. The above image shows how the creating room looked before this update.

house feature

The game options seen in the above image may change when clicking on a different image. When more games are added to the client, there will be a left sided arrow beside the checkers game image and a right sided image beside the signature game image. Another game will be displayed when one of those arrows are clicked. Also, with this layout it is possible to add more options to the games without the need of a scrollbar.

Many more minor changes in this release. See the changeLog.txt for more information.

Board Games V1.3.0 now online

The only new feature in this release is the changes to the login box. Now there is an option to remember the last known password at the login box. Also, the last name used to login to the game is remembered and displayed in the username field of the login box.

Major bugs where fixed. There were three bugs that crippled the board game play in some way. For example, the signature game pieces did not move correctly around the board. Also, many minor bugs were fixed. See the changeLog.txt for more details.

Board Games V1.2.1 now online

New to the website are the client/server Version 1.2.1 for android phone and windows desktop. This is a major bug fix.

The change log was removed from the website. You can view the software changes within the changeLog.txt file at the root of the software folder.

Board Games V1.2.0 now online

This release fixes a few bugs. A new feature in the client software is the keyboard. It displays when a player clicks the input field to type in something then closes after 3 seconds on inactivity.

A client version of the software is now available for android. You can now download the android client release at the downloads link.

Board Games V1.1.0 now online

New to the website are the client/server Version 1.1.0. Those release has fixes to many bugs. Download it here.

Just before the client connects to the server and as the server is about to go online, the client/server software connect to the website to see if their software version are the same as the website version within a file. If the software version does not match the website version then the software will pull files from the website so to keep its software updated.

In this release the server was built in cpp instead of neko. Therefore, changes to the batch file were changed for the server. If you have installed a prior version of the server software then note the software updater will not work anymore. You will need to download the newer version of the server software at the download link from the main menu or click here.

The client is the software used to play a game. At the top of this website notice the words "Clients Online" and a number to the right side of that name. That number refers to the amount of players in game. There will always be a minimum of 2 players when the server is online. Those players are computer players. So, you can increase your game statistics anytime. The two computer games that will always be available are chess and the signature game. You can access those games from the lobby.

Look at the screenshots. After the client is loaded, connect to the server from that title scene. From there you can login to the game using the username and password of "demo". You are at the lobby after you login. Room 1 and 2 are used to play against the computer.

House feature now available

Use your house coins that you get after you play a board game on the day of the house coins event to build your isometric house. You are able to place floor, wall, door and window tiles on the map. place furniture items in front or behind a wall, door or window. You are able to send a furniture item in front or behind another furniture item. You are able to scroll the map, hide a furniture item and rotate a furniture item in the direction of nw, ne, se and sw. You can save the house layout.

house feature

Limitations of the house feature are; you are not able to create a 1x1 tile room and you cannot change the order of two furniture items when one item is in front of a wall, door or window and the other is behind that wall, door or window.