Topic: Board Games V1.1.0 now online

New to the website are the client/server Version 1.1.0. Those release has fixes to many bugs. Download it here.

Just before the client connects to the server and as the server is about to go online, the client/server software connect to the website to see if their software version are the same as the website version within a file. If the software version does not match the website version then the software will pull files from the website so to keep its software updated.

In this release the server was built in cpp instead of neko. Therefore, changes to the batch file were changed for the server. If you have installed a prior version of the server software then note the software updater will not work anymore. You will need to download the newer version of the server software at the download link from the main menu or click here.

The client is the software used to play a game. At the top of this website notice the words "Clients Online" and a number to the right side of that name. That number refers to the amount of players in game. There will always be a minimum of 2 players when the server is online. Those players are computer players. So, you can increase your game statistics anytime. The two computer games that will always be available are chess and the signature game. You can access those games from the lobby.

Look at the screenshots. After the client is loaded, connect to the server from that title scene. From there you can login to the game using the username and password of "demo". You are at the lobby after you login. Room 1 and 2 are used to play against the computer.