Topic: Board Games V1.4.0 now online

New changes to existing features are in this client version. Server needed to be updated because of those changes. Also, this release fixes many bugs.

Scrollbar class had an overhaul. Scrollbar can no longer take mouse input or touch input. scrollbar area can now be scrolled. Scrollbar does not scroll when clicking an item on it such as a button.
Button input how happens either from just a press or from a press then release. Therefore, a button action can happen either when player touches the button or when player releases the mouse or finger from a button.
A fair amount of buttons were rearranged. Options menu background was added to the bottom of most scenes. At the right-corner of scenes that has an options menu, a red "X" button once clicked will return the user to the title scene.
Icons instead of buttons are now at the title scene. Here are those buttons.

house feature Multiplayer Online.
house feature Player 1 vs Player 2.
house feature Player vs Computer.

house feature

The creating room scene had to be redone because of a scrollbar bug that could not be fixed. The scrollbar was removed from that scene. The above image shows how the creating room looked before this update.

house feature

The game options seen in the above image may change when clicking on a different image. When more games are added to the client, there will be a left sided arrow beside the checkers game image and a right sided image beside the signature game image. Another game will be displayed when one of those arrows are clicked. Also, with this layout it is possible to add more options to the games without the need of a scrollbar.

Many more minor changes in this release. See the changeLog.txt for more information.