Topic: Board Games V1.7.0 now online

The client updater is used to check for a newer version of the client software. When clicking the multiplayer button from within the client, prior to this release, the client updater will not search for a newer client version and the online play will be cancelled. Instead, you will need to download the newest version of the client software from the downloads page.

You now have the option, at the configuration section of the client, to select a username and avatar that you would like to use while playing games in offline mode.

300 avatars are now at this website and also at the client. Avatars can no longer be uploaded to this website. Instead, K Board Games gets all avatars from multiavatar. That website has over 12 billion unique avatars that can be generated.

At the title scene of the client, click the gear icon then select an avatar that you would like to use for your offline profile. Selecting the first avatar will not hide that avatar when playing a game. When playing a game online, your membership profile avatar from K Board Games website will be used.

You can select an avatar to use when posting a message at the forum. Access the avatars by logging in to this website; Go to the hamburger menu (top left corner of scene) then go to the profile link. Here are a sample of the avatars now available.

multiavatar avatar 1. multiavatar avatar 2.multiavatar avatar 3.multiavatar avatar 4.multiavatar avatar 5.multiavatar avatar 6.multiavatar avatar 7.multiavatar avatar 8.multiavatar avatar 9.multiavatar avatar 10.

The following is some of the features of the client.

Added top wins leaderboard to the lobby scene.

Renamed options scene to configuration scene. At the configuration scene there is now an option to enable the leaderboard.
Added 5 more furniture items to the house side game.
Scene now flashes in color when a button or clickable image receive input action from the player.
Added Button at title scene to check for newer version of the client software.
Android now can download the most recent version of the client software but the installation of the software is manual.
Button click state changed from pressed to released for most buttons not located on a scrollbar area.
redone the HUD.
Repositioned the keyboard characters to the same layout as the qwerty keyboard.
While playing checkers, the unit where that piece moved to and the unit where the piece moved from is now highlighted and using a different color for each player.

Five bugs were fixed. For a detailed list of fixes and features added, see the changeLog.txt at the root folder where the client would be installed.

configuration general

The general section at the configuration scene of the client currently looks like the above image.