Topic: House feature coming soon

If you get bored playing board games then have fun creating an isometric house. House is a side game where you can make isometric rooms by placing floor tiles, wall tiles and furniture anywhere in the house.

Use house coins that you get after a board game is played to purchase furniture. You can only receive a house coin when the house coins event is active. You will be given 1 house coin when you lose a board game and 2 house coins when you win a board game.

Images of the house feature will be at the screenshots link. A player's house. You will soon be able to access your house from the lobby. The house and house coins will be available when the next client version is online.

You will be able to move or rotate a furniture item. You can put a furniture item behind another furniture item or send it behind a wall. Depending on the wall layout, a north/south wall that you place on the map will automatically either be displayed in front of a west/east wall or displayed behind the west/east wall. Ability to scroll the map. More about this topic soon after the next client update.