Topic: How to host your own server


Paid members can host their own server. Just download the server software, goto the sub folder called sub, and then create a file called config.bat in that folder.

inside of that config.bat file, copy then paste the following.

SET ip= ""
SET port= ""
SET _dbHost= ""
SET _dbPort= 3306
SET _dbUser= "root"
SET _dbPass= ""
SET _dbName= ""

Change ip from the above to "" to allow everyone to enter the server, or set to "" to allow the client to connect only locally to the server.

Change port to a value such as 9306. If you want to allow multiplayer online play then you will need to do a port forward.

Change _dbHost to "localhost" to connect locally to the server or type in your website name without the "http://www". Example, "" for online play.

Change _dbPort to your MySQL port. Eg, 3306.
Change _dbUser to the user of the MySQL database. Eg, "root".
Change _dbPass to the password that you use to connect to the MySQL database.
Change _dbName to the MySQL database name.

Download the client. At client root, where the exe file is located, create a file called config.txt. At the top line inside of that file, type in your server ip followed by a colon then the port, all without a space. for example, localhost:9306

Any text after the first line inside of the config.txt will be ignored. After the client is loaded, you will see the main menu. At the client's main menu, your server address will be displayed as an option to connect to, only if there exists the config.txt at client root and only while the member setting up the server is still a paid member of this website.

If either the server config.bat file at server/sub folder is missing or the config.txt file at client folder is missing, the client connection to your server will not work. The client trying to connect to your server will first check the database associated with this website to see if that domain address or ip address is still in paid status.

Registered members can login to the client.
When you register at this forum, you will be registered at the client software. When using the client online, just login with your forum username and password.

When using the client software online, there is no way to create an account for members. Instead, you will need a website that can simultaneously register a user for both the forum and client. Simple machines forum creates (SMF) a member but not for the client software.

I have added extra code in the SMF script to also create a user that can connect to the server at the time the user registered at the forum. Therefore, you will need to host both the server and website on your computer and they both need to share the same database. later I will post information about how to setup a forum to be used with the client software.